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LulzSec accepting hack requests via phone

Lulz Security has had an absolutely blazing day yesterday, hacking not only the United States Senate.gov address but also taking down the Escapist M agazine, Mine craft and EVE  Online in a self-proclaimed “Titanic Takeover Tuesday.” Now the hacker group has gone one step further, asking all fans to submit their hacking requests via a telephone request line.

As the BBC reports, the group publicized the phone number via their @lulzsec Twitter account, asking for “calls from true lulz fans… [on] 614-LULZSEC,” saying they will laugh at callers angry over the Minecraft takedown and also asking callers to “pick a target and we’ll obliterate it.” The “security” team proudly boasted their 5,000 missed calls and 2,500 voicemails statistics through their Twitter account, and also accepted the challenge of being “hunted down” by angry users of the 4Chan /b/ image board.

According to the BBC, when you call said phone number you are greeted with a recorded message from someone with a heavy French accent who calls themselves Pierre Dubois. The number’s area code (614) suggests it is located in the state of Ohio in the United States; however considering the French accent and the group’s take on security and general anonymity, it is extremely unlikely this is where the group is actually located.

LulzSec has already used eight requests from users calling the hotline and attacked them via DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack methods. Previously the group have hacked US TV stations as well as Sony Pictures and Sony BMG; their full list of hacks is available via their website.

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