Mali heads to Civilization VI with Gathering Storm as a new desert-based empire

Following a break for the holidays, Firaxis Games is back to unveiling new civilizations that are being introduced with Civilization VI's upcoming Gathering Storm expansion. Today's reveal is for Mali, a heavy gold earning desert-based civilization which is being led by Mansa Musa.

Mali players should focus on setting up their cities nearby desert tiles, as city centers give out extra faith and food for all desert and desert hills that surround them. The standard Commercial hub is replaced by the Suguba. This district lowers the cost of purchases using faith and gold, while also giving extra adjacency for holy sites and rivers.

Adding to their usefulness, standard Commercial hub buildings will also be purchasable using faith. However, there is a production penalty when constructing buildings and units using the old fashioned way. The production given out by Mines is also nerfed, but they provide extra gold to cover for the loss.

The leader ability of Mansa Musa is about increasing the gold income as well, where international trade routes produce extra gold for any desert tiles that are within the origin city's borders. The trade route limit goes up by one whenever Mali hits a golden age as well.

And finally, Mali's unique unit is the Mandekalu Cavalry, which wins the player gold whenever it defeats enemy units. Moreover, trade units are protected from being plundered whenever a Mandekalu is nearby.

The Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion will be bringing nine new leaders to the 4X title, meaning there are five more reveals yet to go. The expansion will officially release for PC on February 14, almost exactly a year after the Rise and Fall expansion's launch.

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