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Melinda Gates does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on her 50th birthday

On Friday, we reported that Bill Gates was challenged by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and he made good on the challenge. Gates uploaded a video of himself dumping a bucket of ice water on his body, but he took the challenge up a level by designing and building a machine that helped him dump the bucket of ice water on himself.

Melinda Gates also joined the cause, on her 50th birthday no less, which was on Friday; but we think that the rather large hat she had on meant she avoided a cold rush to the head; judge for yourselves.

Melinda chose to go lo-tech in her attempt, doing the deed as many others have done via social media; but not before nominating Katie Couric, Stephen Colbert, Yuri Milner, and her daughter Phoebe to complete the challenge within 24 hours or donate $100 to the cause for failing to do so.

So far, Microsoft's current CEO Satya Nadella has already gone through with the ice bucket challenge, as well as former CEO Steven Ballmer and of course Bill.

Anyway, we want to wish a very happy belated birthday to Melinda and a thumbs up for her attempt.

Update: If you think the Ice Bucket Challenge is stupid or a just a fad, just have a look at what it means to the ALS Association, from their site

More than a week after the Ice Bucket Challenge first went viral, people keep dumping ice on their heads, and the ALS Association keeps collecting money. The organization’s national office has received $5.5 million for Lou Gehrig’s disease research since July 29, compared to $32,000 in the same period last year.

Thanks to xrobwx for looking this up!

Source: Microsoft News | What is ALS? (Wikipedia)

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