Metal Gear Plus & Z.O.E 2 Revealed

A financial statement from KCEJ has pre-empted E3 revealing Metal Gear Solid Substance and Z.O.E 2: The 2nd Runner for next-gen hardware!

A prime example of inter-office global synergy was delivered with cataclysmic poignancy earlier today, as first KCET announced Contra and Silent Hill 3 via a financial report, then KCEJ confirmed Metal Gear Solid Substance for Xbox and PC and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner via exactly the same medium. All of which ostensibly completely undermines the US arm of the company's attempts to make a big splash at this month's E3. Ta-da!

Metal Gear X was official confirmed months and months ago until all went suspiciously quiet in the run up to MGS2 releasing on PS2, but now Xbox owners and PC stealth fans have just cause for celebration as a new game, tentatively known as Metal Gear Solid Substance, is on its way to their respective formats. No official details regarding content have been released, but it is strongly suspected the title will be an enhanced version of Metal Gear Solid 2.

Furthermore, a sequel to the visually astounding PS2 mech title Z.O.E was confirmed, titled Z.O.E 2: The 2nd Runner. Although no format was revealed, we'll eat one of our deputy editor's three pairs of pants if it doesn't come out on PS2.

With Silent Hill 3, Contra, Z.O.E 2 and Metal Gear Solid Substance, Konami is gearing up for one hell of an E3. Even if we do know all about it now. A spokesperson for Konami of Europe refused to comment ahead of the show.

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