Metal Gear Solid Movie Details Revealed

Last year Konami revealed that work had begun on a Metal Gear Solid movie. "I have received many offers to adapt Metal Gear Solid. It has taken a long time, but we have finally settled on an arrangement," Kojima said in a statement. Since then nothing has been said on the matter, for eight months, the 'winner' of Metal Gear movie rights has been unknown.

Yair Landau, Vice President of Sony Pictures Entertainment today confirmed that it was Sony making the film, although declined to comment on who would be directing it. Last year saw the loss of the Halo Movie due to financing issues. There is also a World of Warcraft game currently in development at Warner Bros.

Landau also hinted the Metal Gear Solid movie may just be the beginning. "There are other games we are looking to develop," the executive said. "We're working with one of my favorite producers right now on an idea for an EverQuest movie." The producer was apparently of such stature that Landau declined to name him. "I'll let him disclose that," he said cryptically speaking to Gamespot.


Personally, I'm quite excited by this news, this game lends itself to cinematic storytelling, so if done right, it could become a great action movie.

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