Microsoft: 55 percent of company is enterprise-based

Microsoft rarely gives out information on the structure of its company, but today, as part of its financial analyst day, Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner gave a glimpse of how big each of its divisions are and how much revenue it gets from its customers.

Turner announced that 55 percent of Microsoft's revenue comes from its enterprise customers, compared to 20 percent from its consumer businesses and 19 percent from its OEMs. Only six percent of Microsoft's revenues comes from small and mid-size businesses.

In terms of each division, Turner said that 32 percent of its revenue comes from its Office division, with Servers and Tools coming in second with 26 percent. The Windows division is a close third with 25 percent. 13 percent of Microsoft's money is from its Entertainment and Devices division, which includes the Xbox business. Just four percent of its revenue comes from the company's Bing and online divisions.

The U.S. and Canada still dominate Microsoft's market share, with 44 percent of the company's money coming from just those two countries, with the rest of the world bringing in the other 56 percent.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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