Microsoft adds five more titles to Xbox One Backward Compatibility list

The library of Xbox 360 games that are backward compatible with the Xbox One continues to expand, as today, five more titles have been added to the list. The news comes only a day after the pair of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games were added.

Here's what else is new this week:

Dig Dug ($4.99)

Dig tunnels and defeat enemies. Use your harpoon to inflate and pop enemies or crush them with rocks! Earn bonus points by crushing multiple enemies with one rock! DIG DUG was released in 1981, and became an instant hit with its innovative gameplay and quirky music.

Phantasy Star II ($4.99)

Hailed as one of the greatest games of all-time by fans and media alike, Phantasy Star II is an RPG that features an epic storyline and turn-based battles. Play as Rolf, Nei, Rudo, or several other characters as you navigate through the Algol Star System battling the evil Dark Force. Build your characters, select the right weapons and armor, and battle the forces of evil through various missions as you find the right combination of characters to complete each objective. Experience the magic once again in this great sequel!

Samurai Showdown II ($9.99)

This title is the 2nd in the series of [Samurai Shodown] which was the pioneer of the sword-fighting game well known all over the world.

Sonic & Knuckles ($2.99)

The blue hedgehog and the red echidna were sworn adversaries in Sonic 3, but in this platform adventure, Knuckles realises that he’s been just a pawn in the schemes of Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr. Robotnik). Knuckles, the former adversary now supports Sonic to chase the common enemy, and each must use their strengths in order to acquire the priceless Master Emerald and save Angel Island.

Runner2 ($14.99)

Runner2 is a rhythm-music, auto-running platformer. Players will run through fantastic environments, using brand new moves, to amazing new soundtracks as they run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward the goal of tracking down the Nefarious Timbletot who has un-fused CommanderVideo's reality. Runner2 features 5 exciting worlds, 125 tantalizing levels and 5 death defying BOSS battles! Play as 8 different characters and find secret areas to unlock new and zany costumes!

Source: Major Nelson

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