Microsoft also falls to malware, small number of PCs affected

Microsoft has just revealed via their Security Response Center that they have fallen victim to a recent cyberattack facilitated by a Java security issue, similar to the attacks experienced by Apple and Facebook. Microsoft's Matt Thomlinson reveals that a "small number of computers" were infected by malicious software, including some in their Mac business unit, however they "have no evidence of customer data being affected".

Rather than simply revealing they had been affected by malware as soon as it was apparent, Microsoft chose not to make a statement during their information gathering process. Apparently the type of attack "is no surprise to Microsoft", with the company continually re-evaluating their security systems to cope with an ever-changing landscape of virtual threats, and to prevent further attacks on their network.

The particular piece of malware likely in question here, which was a zero-day Java vulnerability injected into an iOS developer site, has been just one of a number of Java-related security issues cropping up this year. It's also not going to be the last, as hackers continually look to new vulnerabilities and threats to try and access unauthorized data, meaning it's more important than ever to strongly protect vital corporate systems.

Source: Microsoft

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