Microsoft, AOL, Others Focus on Fixing Inboxes

A gathering of ISPs, anti-spammers, and e-mail marketers gathered Tuesday to hammer out ways to fight the glut of spam while protecting the livelihood of direct online advertising.

More than 40 companies including Microsoft, AOL and delegates from companies like RoadRunner, Mail-Filters, YesMail and CheetahMail were represented as part of the E-mail Deliverability Summit II here. Sponsored by the Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP), the idea behind the summit is to bring together two (usually opposing) sides of the spam debate.

Broken up into "senders" and "receivers" categories, the consortium came to several agreements in processing e-mail. The companies say it's a significant step considering there are no industry-wide best practices because of all the infighting in the different organizations. "There is a lot of the gray area," one attendee who wished to remain anonymous told

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