Microsoft Band SDK shows off two unannounced tiles

Earlier today, Microsoft pushed out a large update for the Band that includes several new features like a virtual keyboard. If you missed the announcement, you can check out the change log here and our gallery here.

Also announced today is an SDK for the Band and if you dig into the bits, you will see two new tiles that have not been announced. They both are Bing related apps and one is Sports and the other is News. Currently, neither of these tiles are available for the Band.

While it seems like a natural progression to expand the Bing apps on the Band as Finance already exists, how you would read the news does seem a bit odd. Sports scores would not be too hard to display but trying to read a news post seems a bit tedious on a screen that small unless they only showed news headlines.

Of course, you can already view your email and if enough users are already emptying their inbox from their wrist, then catching up on the news doesn't seem implausible either.

One thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft rebranded all the Bing apps to MSN, so these images could be old and may not ever arrive. Still, this could show what is coming in a future update for the Band.

Now that one large update has come out, we will be curious to see if Microsoft keeps up any sort of rapid cadence with updates for the Band or if we will have to wait three more months for the next release.

Thanks for the tip Ryan!

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