Microsoft deletes an Xbox achievement from a game that could not have been unlocked

homestead arcana

Trying to unlock Xbox achievements has been a huge goal among some players of Microsoft's Xbox console line ever since the Xbox 360 introduced the feature in 2005. Some of these achievements are extremely difficult to unlock. This week, Microsoft removed an Xbox achievement from the game that was ruled to be unobtainable.

TrueAchievements reports that the game that got the achievement deleted was Homestead Arcana. It's a fantasy-themed farming sim from developer Serenity Forge and publisher Skybound Games that launched in April for the PC and Xbox platforms. It's even available as an Xbox Game Pass title.

The deleted achievement was titled You Can't Be Too Prepared. It would be pretty hard to unlock it regularly, as it asks the player to craft one example of every craftable item in the game. Since there are hundreds of such in-game items to craft, this achievement would certainly be a major one to reach.

However, due to a glitch in the game, one of these in-game items, Green Ankle Boots, was shown as being unable to be crafted, even though some players had indeed created it in Homestead Arcana. That meant that the You Can't Be Too Prepared achievement could not be unlocked.

Now that achievement, with its 100 Gamerscore, has been removed by Microsoft. The good news is that the 100 points were evenly allocated to the game's remaining Xbox achievement points, so players of Homestead Arcana can still get a perfect achievement score.

Microsoft has apparently been paying more attention to Achievements and Gamerscores in Xbox games lately. Recently, it was revealed that the company set some new rules for Xbox Achievements that are designed to keep games from being published that make it far too easy to unlock them, and thus quickly boost a player's Gamerscore.

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