Microsoft expands Marketplace, improves search, adds awesome.

Microsoft has announced an update to the Windows Phone Marketplace with the addition of China and India.

Curiously, Chinese developers can now register via App Hub and begin submitting apps for any of Microsoft's supported Marketplace countries, but this does not include China. Microsoft says that they will continue to work to bring the App Hub and Marketplace to more countries in the future. Also, India is now onboard that Marketplace to download to all of their hearts desire.

Additionally, Microsoft is updating its search algorithms to help sort through the crap apps to find the diamonds in the mess of "jiggly boob" and fart apps. We should note that every app store has these apps, not just the Microsoft Marketplace. Any tweaks to make the search more user friendly come as a welcome addition. 

The thought behind the better searching is fewer keywords for better hopping. Microsoft is now enforcing 5 keywords per application, which should provide for more effective searching. 

If you keep a Windows Phone in your pocket, your Marketplace just got a bit sweeter. 

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