Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program will help small businesses land enterprise customers

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In October 2021, the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub was launched. It was designed to give startup companies a chance to access Microsoft 365 services and other tools, one-on-one mentorships and advice from Microsoft team members, and credits to use services like Azure.

Today, the company announced an expansion of this platform called Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program. It's designed specifically to give startups a chance to land enterprise customers.

Microsoft has already been testing Pegasus in a pilot program and says it has resulted in over 100 startups making deals with enterprise customers. Microsoft offered an example of one of these startup company's success stories in a blog post:

“Many startups struggle when it comes to enterprise sales,” said Andy Pandharikar, founder and CEO of Commerce.AI. “Working with Microsoft for Startups helps us understand how enterprise customers look at and purchase new innovative products, and through this program we have been able to close nearly $1 million in deals.”

The program, which is currently limited to Founders Hub members on an invite-only basis, will get advice from experts that will help them get the best information and resources and "generate sales opportunities in their sector" They will also gain access to Microsoft's Azure’s AI offerings features. Finally, the companies will get up to $350,000 in credits to use Azure and Azure's OpenAI Service along with GitHub and LinkedIn.

This new Pegasus Program should be a huge benefit for entrepreneurs who have some great ideas but may not have the immediate resources to make them a reality, along with assistance in landing the best customers for their products or services.

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