Microsoft is closing its regional Lumia Instagram accounts

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it would be shutting down its regional Lumia Twitter and Facebook accounts, consolidating it all into one Lumia account. Today, Lumia US confirmed that it would be doing the same on Instagram.

While the news will undoubtedly be sad for Lumia fans that enjoy seeing the beautiful photos taken with Lumias, it should certainly not be a surprise. The various partnerships between Microsoft Lumia (to be clear, that's Microsoft Lumia, not Microsoft as a whole) and the PR companies that run the regional accounts are being terminated. If there are any other regional social media accounts out there, you can expect those to close too.

Microsoft has provided an FAQ for those that are looking for more information. In it, the company states numerous times that the goal here is to simply merge various accounts into one. The page also offers the Lumia Help page for support.

While the FAQ page clearly doesn't want anyone to draw any conclusions from this, it's worth noting that the Lumia 650 - launched in February - is rumored to be the last Lumia. All other rumors point to Microsoft sticking with the Surface brand for future phone hardware.

Source: Instagram via MSPU

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