Microsoft is making it easier to have 'revenge porn' removed from its services

We have all heard that saying that 'you cannot delete something on the Internet', as once it is uploaded, it can easily be shared, saved by other users, or sometimes simply cached by Google or Bing. While most content on the web does not need to be removed, if you are a victim of 'revenge porn', then this becomes a very real concern.

Revenge porn is when a person shares, without your permission, intimate photos on the web and if these images are on a Microsoft service, the company is making it easier to have them removed. The company has announced a new site that allows you to request that an image be taken out of Bing's search results, and removed from OneDrive as well as Xbox Live.

For those who have had their images released to the public after sharing them privately with friends or those they are in a relationship with, this service by Microsoft will surely be welcomed. But, if you are truly worried about images you have taken and don't want them on the Internet, it goes without saying that you should not share these images in the first place.

But, if you do find yourself a victim of revenge porn, Microsoft is making it significantly easier to have these images removed from its services.

View: Revenge Porn Takedown Form

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