Microsoft Lumia 650 is likely coming to the U.S. by way of Cricket Wireless

When Microsoft announced the Microsoft Lumia 650 today through a press release, they said that it would cost $199, despite saying that it would be available in select European markets. As it turns out, the Microsoft Lumia 650 will likely be available on Cricket Wireless, adding some reason as to why Microsoft would quote a price in U.S. dollars.

Cricket Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T; however, Cricket Wireless devices do not work on AT&T until they are unlocked. AT&T locked devices do, however, work on Cricket's network.

The news comes from a report from Phone Scoop. While neither Microsoft, Cricket, nor AT&T have said a word about Cricket Wireless picking up the newly announced Microsoft Lumia 650, Microsoft has published a user guide for the metal framed device, which includes a clear reference to Cricket. Upon viewing the PDF file, it's clear that it's a user guide for the Cricket Wireless model of the Microsoft Lumia 650.

While the Lumia 650 will likely cost $199 in the U.S., it will also cost £159.99 in the UK, or €229.00 in Germany.

Source: Microsoft via Phone Scoop

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