Microsoft patents a Surface device with a liquid-powered hinge

In case you haven't heard, Microsoft is working on a foldable device. It's likely going to be something with two screens, codenamed Centaurus. As spotted by WindowsUnited, there's a new patent that's surfaced showing off the hinge.

There are a few interesting things about this hinge, one of which is that the gaps are filled with liquid. Other foldable devices have had issues with foreign objects getting in those cavities, and then the display can be damaged when the device is opened or closed. Filling those cavities with a liquid might solve that problem.

Another thing that's interesting is that the patent was filed (back in March) by Microsoft Technology Licensing, which might mean that the company has plans to license the patent to device manufacturers. That's really no surprise, since Surface devices have long served as inspiration for third-party PCs. And foldable PCs are coming, as Lenovo has already announced one that's coming next year.

The patent shows in detail how the hardware on a Microsoft foldable device could work. What's not shown, of course, is the software. That's going to be Windows Lite, a new OS that's aimed at these types of PCs. After all, Windows 10 as we know it certainly isn't optimized for new form factors, so the company needs to make something new. It's unclear when we'll see any of this, and as is always the case with patents, there's no certainty that it will ever come to market.

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