Microsoft racks up 50,675 wins, 638 losses to date with Smoked by Windows Phone campaign


The Smoked by Windows Phone campaign kicked off at CES 2012 and has been a major victory for the Microsoft camp. Sure, the campaign has had its ups and downs but overall, Windows Phone has been besting the competition with an impeccable 98% win rate (98.7% to be exact).

In a new post on the Windows Phone blog, the company goes over some of that statistics from the campaign which include over 8 million video views, a 95% “Like” rate on YouTube, the challenges have been run in 36 countries, over 50,000 challenges have been won by Microsoft, and an estimated reach of 100,000,000 consumer for the campaign.

Say what you want about the challenges but Microsoft has found a sweet spot for Windows Phone by being able to best the competition in nearly every speed challenge it faces. We know this is a Microsoft advertisement campaign and it is naturally shifted to promote their devices but at the end of the day, it is a creative way to get the product face time in front of the consumer.

The campaign is far from over too. Microsoft has just released a handful of new advertisements which you can see here or view one of them below.  


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