Microsoft releases new industry clouds to preview, updates Cloud for Healthcare

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Earlier this year at NRF 2021, Microsoft revealed Cloud for Retail - alongside updates for Dynamics 365 Commerce -, though no information was made available regarding the new cloud offering at the time. Last week, meanwhile, the tech giant unveiled three new industry clouds, namely, Cloud for Financial Service, Cloud for Nonprofit, and Cloud for Manufacturing.

Today at the Ignite 2021 virtual event, Microsoft has reiterated the key components of these releases, reviewed an update for Cloud for Healthcare, and also remarked upon the preview dates for each of the newly released ones.

Concisely, all the aforementioned cloud services have been described as follows:

  • Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services empowers financial institutions to accelerate innovation while meeting strict industry compliance requirements.
  • Microsoft Cloud for Retail makes it possible for retailers to better know their customers and connect and personalize their experiences throughout the end-to-end shopper journey, so customers keep coming back.
  • Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit helps organizations accelerate their mission outcomes, advance their influence and connect people and resources.
  • Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing supports the manufacturing industry in finding efficiencies as they strive to out-innovate and outperform the competition.
  • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare enhances patient engagement, empowers health team collaboration and improves clinical and operational insights

With regards to Cloud for Healthcare, which was launched last year, the first update for the platform will be released in April. Four new features will be offered, with a focus on streamlining virtual health, patient self-service, and care collaboration.

As to the preview dates for the other offerings, Cloud for Retail and Cloud for Financial Services should be made available for public preview by the end of this month. Cloud for Nonprofit and Cloud for Manufacturing, meanwhile, will accept customers for public preview by the end of June.

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