Microsoft releases Windows Admin Center Preview 1907 - here's whats new

It's been quite some time since Insiders got a preview build for a new version of Windows Admin Center, but it's finally here. Today, Microsoft released the preview build of Windows Admin Center version 1907 to Insiders.

Unlike version 1903, which included a pretty long list of changes, 1907 comes with some iterative improvements and fixes to existing functionality. Here's what's new:

  • Azure cost estimates – Azure hybrid integrations within Windows Admin Center now include a hyperlink to Azure, to discover and understand the estimated cost of that service once onboarded.
  • Performance Profile updates – A new feature introduced in 1906, Performance Profile (available in gateway settings) now includes import and export capabilities.
  • Import virtual machine – You can now conveniently rename VMs during the import process if we detect that the VM’s name already exists.
  • VM tag support for clusters – In addition to the VM tag support for Hyper-V servers in v1906, you can now add/edit tags for Failover and HCI clusters
  • Pending reboot banner – Windows Admin Center now includes a banner on the Overview tool that notifies you when a reboot is pending on the server/computer being managed.

Despite a relatively small list of changes, this release still comes with a few known issues to look out for. Most notably, those using Google Chrome may have some trouble accessing Windows Admin Center after the upgrade, though there's a fairly simple workaround. Here's the list:

  • Network – If you have configured an Azure Network Adapter, the value under Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Gateway Address will be formatted as a hyperlink but leads to an invalid address.
  • Chrome users may see 403 Forbidden response from WAC after upgrading. The workaround is to close *all* open chrome tabs (make sure there are no chrome.exe processes running). After restarting chrome, everything will function normally. We have an error message that makes this clear, but chrome users with multiple windows admin center tabs open during upgrade will not see the message.
  • Performance Profile – There is a known issue where Performance Profile can’t be turned off when multiple instances of Windows Admin Center are running on a single desktop. To turn off Performance Profile, ensure that only one instance (browser window) is open with Windows Admin Center. This will be fixed in the next release.

You can download the preview version of Windows Admin Center 1907 from the Windows Server Insider website. You can also find the latest Windows Server preview build there. The most recent build is 18932, released two weeks ago.

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