Microsoft resting XSN Sports this season

Microsoft confirms that a number of its XSN Sports franchises will be rested this year, returning much-improved in 2005.

Microsoft has today confirmed that a number of its XSN Sports franchises will be rested this season so that they might return much-improved in 2005. The decision has been taken following feedback from players which, although positive about the XSN Sports service, suggested that the games themselves weren't really on a par with some of their competitors.

"Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) holds our customers in the highest regard and they are always top of mind when product decisions are made. We would never do anything to jeopardize the reputation of MGS with gamers. After analyzing market conditions and customer feedback we're focused on closing the quality gap between our sports line-up and that of our competitors. Therefore we will not be shipping new versions of our sports games this Autumn. MGS will continue to build on the goal of developing extraordinarily creative, epic-scale, platform-driving games for Xbox and Windows. Sports will just not be part of our MGS publishing plans this Autumn," reads a statement from Microsoft's UK office.

News source: GameSpot

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