Microsoft to allow any Microsoft Account alias be primary alias

Microsoft announced in April that it had added alias support to and Microsoft Accounts, allowing users of the email service to sign on with any alias linked to the account. However, one of them had to be set up as the primary alias and once that was done it could not be changed.

Today, Microsoft has made yet another adjustment to its Microsoft Account policies and will now allow users to turn any of their aliases into their primary alias. In a post on the Outlook blog, Microsoft says:

We've also made it clearer why you might want to do this (and why you might not). Now that you can sign in with any alias, really the only reason to make a different alias your primary one is if you want a different email name to show on your Microsoft devices, like the background of your Xbox or your Windows 8 PC.

This new change should allow and Microsoft Account owners a way to change their primary email address quickly in case they get a new job, move to a new location or have some other event that might necessitate dumping an old email address. Account holders can simply go to site and select the "Account aliases" option in the menu to begin the process.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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