Microsoft to release 10 security bulletins Tuesday

Microsoft's regularly scheduled monthly software update is coming up in a few days. This time, Patch Tuesday will happen on May 14th and Microsoft has announced that 10 security bulletins will be issued as part of the event.

The advance notice for the security bulletins, as posted on Microsoft's website, shows that they will fix a total of 33 issues in various software products. Two of the 10 bulletins are labeled as "critical" and affect various versions of Windows and Internet Explorer. One of the critical bulletins will fix issues with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10.

As usual, Microsoft has not gone into detail on the specifics behind these updates so as to not alert hackers beforehand but will release that information after the patches are launched on Tuesday. However, in a post on the company's security blog, Microsoft stated that it will be trying to push out a full Internet Explorer Security Update to address the zero day exploit in Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft issued a "Fix it" patch late on Wednesday designed to be a band-aid for IE8 as the company works to release the full security bulletin.

Microsoft usually releases new firmware updates for its Surface family of hardware products as part of Patch Tuesday. Last month, both the Surface Pro and Surface RT devices received some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Source: Microsoft

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