Microsoft trademarks 'Every Street United'

Last week, entertainment news websites reported rumors that Microsoft was developing an eight episode reality show series called Every Street United. The show, which the report claims will focus on street soccer players in cities around the world, is supposedly one of the first to be made under Microsoft's Xbox Entertainment Studio.

We contacted Microsoft at the time but the company would not comment directly on the reports to us. Now it looks like the gig is finally up as a recent listing on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website shows that Microsoft has secured the trademark to 'Every Street United'.

The listing adds that the trademark is for "Downloadable video recordings featuring sports; Pre-recorded DVDs featuring sports" as well as "Entertainment services, namely, an ongoing series featuring sports provided through television and webcasts." That sure sounds like the setup for a TV reality show to us.

Unfortunately, even faced with this new evidence, Microsoft is still not commenting on 'Every Street United'. A spokesperson for the company sent over a statement today to Neowin that was the same as last week: "This series has not been announced and we do not have any specifics to share at this time. We’re excited to be working on several projects and look forward to providing additional details soon."

Source: USPTO | Image via USPTO

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