Microsoft uses Felicia Day in new and weird video

Microsoft might have let go of some of its marketing team earlier this week but that doesn't mean the company isn't afraid to try some new and different ideas to sell its products and services. Microsoft's advertising division recently released a new video that shows what kinds of services it offers but in a rather unique way.

The video itself stars actress Felicia Day who has previous links to Microsoft. Her well known web comedy series The Guild is funded in part by Microsoft with new episodes shown exclusively on Microsoft platforms such as the Xbox 360, MSN and others. In the new video, shown above, Day is seen being escorted by a mysterious Microsoft team member in a special effects-based experience.

The video, which seems to be a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has Day exploring all sort of Microsoft ad services, from MSN to the Windows Mobile to Skype to Xbox. There's also shrinking doors, futuristic cities, and miniature Microsoft workers.

It's a rather elaborate production designed for the advertising market but Microsoft seems to think this kind of promotion will bring new advertisers to its various platforms. At least Felicia Day gets what we would assume is a nice paycheck out of this deal.

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