Microsoft wants to crowdsource translations for its products with new 'Engagement Portal'

Microsoft is looking for your help to help translate its innumerable learning and promotional material to new languages.

The company distributes an enormous number of materials, both video and written, to its partners around the globe. Some of these are educational, some of them are promotional and some are simply end-products, destined to be used by thousands. As such, the company employs a plethora of translating options such as machine learning, professional translators and volunteers. It’s the last where you, and Microsoft’s new website, come in.

Launched yesterday, the company’s new Engagement Portal, is a place where volunteers can sign-up and participate in the translation process. Microsoft will issue “projects”, such as articles, websites or video subtitles, and users can then translate them. They’ll also be responsible for comparing their version to the machine translation, as well as for editing other people’s work.

Unfortunately, the company makes it very clear that this is volunteer work and you will not be paid for this. Whether other perks will be issued to users remains to be seen at a later date, but for right now everything is pro bono.

You can head over to the site to check it out but keep in mind that it’s currently in preview form. You’ll be able to sign-up but not actually start translating yet. In fact, the website seems to be missing some important sections for now, as it’s brand new.

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