Microsoft will allow Windows 7 downgrade to XP

After many requests and company IT departments pushing
Microsoft to make Windows 7 available to downgrade
not only to Windows Vista, but to Windows XP, Microsoft has finally officially stated that the downgrade will be available if company's or users require a downgrade.

The downgrade will not only allow consumers to downgrade to Microsoft most recent predecessor, Vista, but will allow users to downgrade to Windows XP, and technically allow users to go back to Windows 2000 or even Windows 95.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the rumored April 30, 2010 cut-off date may not be the official cut-off date for the downgrade, while an announcement is yet to be officially made, company's can rest easy that the downgrade will allow for rollbacks on their systems.

The safety guard is primarily in place for volume-license users, the majority of which are owned by large businesses, where upgrade to the newest version of Windows can be a nightmare for compatibility and IT departments.

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