Apple doubling production of rumored upcoming iPhones

Ahh, the months before June; always a good period for iPhone rumors, and this time around is definitely no exception. There have been a huge amount of rumors pointing to an (inevitable) iPhone release this year, and here's one more for your tastebuds: Apple has, according to AppleInsider, doubled production of multiple upcoming iPhone models for a release this year.

This statement is the belief of an analyst named Ben Reitzes, who works for the firm Barclay's Capital, who states that "Apple is readying a new iPhone that will ship in June with an upgraded camera that could deliver big improvements to the iPhone experiences, including both still and video capabilities 'with possibly another camera on the front for video chat.'" He also thinks that Apple will offer multiple iPhone models, that differ in features and not just storage space. This wouldn't come as a big surprise, as multiple sources are saying that iPhone production has more than doubled thanks to orders for "multiple new models", to be ready for a June release.

The two models are believed to be as follows: the high end would feature video capability, a better camera and 32gb of storage, whereas a low end model would have no video, less storage and perhaps not have WiFi. Lacking WiFi could be to please Chinese carriers, thinks AppleInsider. The low end would probably retail for $100-$150, with different data plans as well.

Time will tell whether all these rumors are fact or fiction, but things are looking towards the latter. Keep an eye out later in the year to see what Apple has up its sleeve.

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