Microsoft: Xbox 360 hands-down leader in online gaming

Microsoft has responded to claims from market research firm TDG that the PlayStation 3 is the "most connected" console in the United States, stating that the research is misleading because it does not consider pricing or the way in which users use it.

Last week Neowin reported on the research from TDG which stated that just a five percent more PlayStation 3 owners had their consoles connected to the Internet than Xbox 360 owners - a pretty close result considering their respective pricing.

Speaking to Eurogamer a Microsoft spokesperson said "What's important to keep in mind is the level of activity over an online service, especially when comparing a no-cost service to a subscription-based service like Xbox Live." Citing NPD Group's Online Gaming 2010 Report, he continued, "When it comes to total entertainment experiences and value, Xbox 360 continues to lead the charge. Xbox 360 is the hands-down leader in online gaming, with 48 percent of all online gamers using Xbox 360 and Xbox Live to connect with friends, family and competitors."


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