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Microsoft's Collective Project wants students to change the world

Microsoft’s Office team has recently launched a new initiative called the Collective Project, which aims to empower students and change the world.

Via the Collective Project, students around the US, and eventually the world, are encouraged to think outside the box and dream up new devices, new projects and new approaches to help their community. Microsoft then helps them with software and guidance to make their projects happen.

Microsoft has recently focused and highlighted how science, technology and the company’s own products help real people achieve more. Everything from the company’s Super Bowl ads to their forward-facing “Future Vision” videos, is centered around this message and this campaign does the same.

The first one of these project that the Office team has decided to highlight pertains to 3D printed prosthetic arms and hand, that are a lot cheaper than traditional prosthetics. Thanks to their simple design and the way they’re built these 3D printed models offer a basic level of functionality for a fraction of the cost usually associated with such devices.

Of course, Microsoft highlights how their own technology fits into this effort, with Skype and OneNote seemingly being at the center of the team’s efforts.

All in all this is a very positive message and, doubtless, many will praise the company for doing good.

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