Microsoft's games for Windows plans

During its Gamefest event currently occurring in Seattle, Microsoft announced its intention to bring console development to the masses. At the same time, however, the company is making a big push for PC gaming, mainly driven by and in support of the new Windows Vista operating system shipping next year. Microsoft, aware that PC gaming has seen continually dwindling development support and retail sales from the core gaming segment even as casual gaming is on the rise, has a number of plans for how to reinstate Windows as a premier gaming platform on par with fixed gaming platforms. Today, Microsoft's Skip McIlvaine gave a presentation outlining the steps Microsoft will be taking as well as what will be expected out of developers to increase the accessibility and marketability of Windows gaming.

Microsoft will be launching a revamped dedicated Windows gaming site, analogous to the comprehensive site it maintains for its console platforms. "It's been a little corporate," admitted McIlvaine. "The Microsoft Windows gaming sites have been more business, like Windows itself, [instead of] like Xbox." The Game Advisor, which allows gamers to check if their systems are capable of playing specific games, will also be updated.

News source: Shacknews

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