Microsoft's Your Phone app now lets you save images directly, adds contact images

Microsoft's efforts to make cross-platform sync more seamless have been visible in the updates to its Your Phone app. Last week, the company began testing notification syncing between Android and the Windows 10 app, and now there are a few improvements in tow to the photos and messaging sections of the app, as shared by Microsoft's Analy Diaz on Twitter.

For photos, Microsoft has added the ability to save pictures directly to your PC. Previously, the pictures could only be copied or shared from within the app, which made it impractical if you simply wanted to save the pictures on your computer.

As for messaging, there are a couple of improvements. First, Microsoft has added an emoji button, which essentially serves the same purpose the system-wide keyboard shortcut (Windows key + .), since many people don't know that shortcut exists. Perhaps more interesting is the addition of contact picture syncing, which means the Your Phone app will now show the same contact pictures as you have set on your phone. This should make it easier to identify who you're talking to.

These improvements have been rolling out during this week, so you may have spotted them already. If they haven't shown up for you yet, they should be available in the next few days.

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