'Month of Apple Bugs' turns up 10 vulnerabilities -- so far

A month-long campaign by two independent security researchers to disclose security flaws in Apple Inc.'s products has so far resulted in 10 vulnerabilities being publicly disclosed -- and several more on the verge of being announced. Exploit information has also been published, along with proof-of-code detailing how to take advantage of the flaws, several of which were described as being remotely exploitable by the researchers.

The disclosures are part of a Month of Apple Bugs (MoAB) effort launched on Jan. 1 by independent security researcher Kevin Finisterre and another researcher identified only by the initials LMH. The goal of the effort, identical in nature to the Month of Kernel Bugs and Month of Browser Bug campaigns in 2006, is to raise public awareness of security issues in Apple's products, according to Finisterre. "[Apple's] creating commercials claiming to be secure, and the user base feels like they are wearing a suit of armor," Finisterre said via e-mail. In reality, "there's NO lack of bugs on OS X from both an application and platform standpoint."

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