Moore calls on platform competitors to follow XNA model

Peter Moore (Microsoft corporate VP) has issued a statement asking for competitors (Sony & Nintendo) to embrace the XNA model. For those who don't know the XNA model is a global software development platform for the Xbox, Microsoft Windows, smart phones, and even smart watches (all Microsoft of course). To get a better idea of what Moore is talking about check out the full article over at

Microsoft corporate VP Peter Moore has called on platform competitors Sony and Nintendo to follow the XNA model by providing an easy to use software development platform for their console hardware. Speaking at the ELSPA Games Summit in London, Moore issued what he described as "a plea to the industry to embrace not only this [XNA], but for our competitors to do the same thing as well."

He described the XNA technology platform, which was originally announced at GDC earlier this year, as "a global software development platform - not just for Xbox, but for all Windows devices including smartphones or smart watches," and said that the new system was "all about making better games faster." The game development and publishing cycle will benefit greatly from the introduction of the XNA platform, Moore believes - arguing that the creation of a game at the moment is "80 per cent construction, 20 per cent creativity," and warning that the next generation could be worse, with the engineering effort encompassing up to or over 90 per cent of the development cycle.

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