More Windows 8 Consumer Preview build numbers revealed? [Update]

In about nine days, Microsoft is scheduled to release the long awaited Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. Even though the date is now in sight, it looks like the company is still internally testing release candidate builds for the Consumer Preview edition. Now the reliable Windows 8-themed site reports that the version number for the release candidate build for Windows 8 has been updated yet again.

According to the site's Windows 8 builds list, the latest build number for the Consumer Preview release candidate is officially called 8284.0.winmain.120216-1840. Previously we reported that the final build number for the actual public release of the Consumer Preview would be 8250. The fact that Microsoft has apparently reached and exceeded 8250 might mean that the company is simply making sure that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is as bug free as you can get for a build that, technically, is not considered to be a final product.

Just a reminder: Microsoft is holding a Windows 8 Consumer Preview press event at the Mobile World Congress In Barcelona, Spain on February 29, where it is expected that the company will announce that the preview version of the OS will be freely available to download from Microsoft's servers.

Update - As some commenters have noted, it's possible that these new build numbers might be made for the Release Candidate version of Windows which is supposed to be released after the Consumer Preview. It's important to note that Microsoft have never officially confirmed or denied the validity of any of these build numbers for Windows 8.

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