Most major online retailers see replenished Xbox One stock following holidays

Microsoft executives had the company fighting hard to make sure its new Xbox One console was available during the holiday season, and it appears that has resulted in readily available online stock following the post-Christmas shopping season.

Bundle-free Xbox One consoles have been available at most major online retailers following Christmas, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStopthe Microsoft Store and Walmart. Bundled versions of the console are also available at several outlets, though their availability varies by store. Given Microsoft’s production of Xbox One, stock should continue to be available now that the console’s debut and the holiday shopping season has passed.

Xbox One entered “full production” in September, with the first shipments sent to retailers at about the same time. In its first nine days of release, Microsoft sold 909,132 Xbox One units, according to the NPD Group.

One of the most notable decisions Microsoft made with its console was to use DDR3 memory with an on-board ESDRM chip instead of GDDR5, which was partially done because of production yields. Xbox One architects said the decision was made for power consumption and “the commodity memory is cheaper as well, so you can afford more.”

Image via Microsoft Store

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