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Apple and developers face trouble with 12 Days of Gifts on iOS

Spreading a little bit of holiday cheer is apparently a lot harder than it looks, especially when trying to spread it to millions of people all at once. That's probably the attitude both Apple and developers have adopted since the 12 Days of Gifts app began offering goodies to iOS device owners on Dec. 26.

First in some crosshairs is Apple. If you were awake at midnight when Day 2's gift was released, you would have found a TV show being given away. However, tapping View Gift brought you to a TV show page with the first button listing a large price to buy the whole series. Scrolling down a bit further revealed the free individual episode up for grabs. Apple quickly realized this was confusing people, so the show was replaced with a free game by the morning.

Developers are under some fire too, unfairly I might add. Today's giveaway, for instance, is kids' game Toca House. Well some who are unhappy with the demographic of this gift are leaving bad reviews of the game in the App Store.

"Apple is ruining my Christmas," wrote one reviewer. "Deleted this app. iTunes 12 Days gift gets cheesier by the day!" said another.

If you're using the 12 Days of Gifts app, try to have the expectation that not every gift being given away is going to suit your taste. Plus, you wouldn't normally be mad at a developer for creating an app you had no interest in downloading in the first place, right? 'Tis the season for spreading the love, folks!

Source: iMore | Image via Apple

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