'Move' clothing tracks your movement, won't make you look this good

There's nothing quite like having a hot female model showing off a new clothing design. In this case, the creators at Electricfoxy have made a prototype technology garment called Move that is ably demonstrated in the video below, using a model to give an idea of what this product is supposed to do.

The video is, well, quite alluring to watch in itself. However, if you can take your eyes off the short film for a second, you might learn more about Move. It's designed to work with a mobile app that tracks the movements of the person wearing the garment. You can use it for an exercise routine or for a dance session.

The company claims that the garment analyses the wearer's movements and sends that information to the mobile app in real time. If the app senses that you are doing a physical routine the wrong way, it will let you know immediately.

The garment itself uses electronics with "soft and bendable eTextiles and small components", according to Electricfoxy, so it can be comfortable as possible to wear. There's no word on when Move will be released to the public or what its price point might be. In the meantime, you can still check out the video as long as you want.

Images via Electricfoxy

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