Multiplicity 1.0

Software developer Stardock released Multiplicity today. Multiplicity is a program that enables users to control multiple local computers with a single keyboard and mouse.

Multiplicity works by having a primary computer with a keyboard, mouse and monitor connected to it and multiple local secondary computers that still have a monitor connected to them but no keyboard or mouse. When the user moves their mouse cursor from the primary computer to one of the monitors connected to a secondary computer, the user is then controlling that secondary computer. Multiplicity then ties them all together with a single universal clipboard enabling the user to seamlessly work with multiple computers at the same time. Multiplicity talks to the other computers through the user's network connection.

For users, it's a similar experience to a multiple monitor set up on a single personal computer except in this case, each monitor is connected to its own computer. This enables users to take advantage of the power and resources of an entirely separate computer but with the same convenience and usability as the traditional multiple monitor set up.

Because Multiplicity provides a universal clipboard between computers, users can copy images or text from one machine, move their mouse over to another monitor, and paste it. The Multiplicity Pro adds the ability for users to also copy and paste files and entire directories between machines.

Stardock plans to target engineering firms, testing centers, power users, gamers, hardware OEMs, and other markets that tend to have people that may have multiple computers.

Multiplicity is designed to be very easy to set up. Stardock hopes to make the program convenient and intuitive enough to attract a very wide audience.

Download: Multiplicity 1.0

News source: PC Magazine

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