My heart will go on, but not my iMac...

Oh how I laughed!! :D

Seriously though, it's high time that the record companies and digital rights management companies got together with hardware manufacturers to sort this mess out. For too long now PC users have been poorly treated, and at worst had their valuable equipment damaged. This needs to stop.

Canadian songstress Celine Dion is causing Mac users even more distress than normal by rendering their brand new iMacs unusable.

Celine's latest CD, A Day Has Come, is one of a number of recent album releases that features the controversial copy-protection technology, which prevents it from being played or recorded in a PC.

Last month, Celine Dion fans were warned that playing the CD on a PC could cause the machine to crash and possibly damage the firmware. However, it transpires that if the Canadian warbler's disc is placed in a new flat-screen iMac, the CD can't be removed or the computer restarted. The machine then has to be sent for repair, which means you've got to return it to Apple and ask its technicians to kindly remove the Celine Dion CD from the drive. According to Mac User magazine, an Apple dealer confirmed to the Campaign for Digital Rights that playing the disc in an iMac will result in the machine having to be sent for repair.

Other titles to feature the technology include White Lilies Island by Natalie Imbruglia, White Ladder by David Gray, the Star Wars Episode 2 soundtrack and All this Time by Sting.

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View: Celine Dion unleashes wave of destruction on Mac users

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