AMD lets loose with new flash memory

Advanced Micro Devices is sampling a new flash memory chip that promises to double storage capacity and give Intel a run for its money in the market for cellular phones and other consumer electronics devices.

AMD said Monday that it has begun shipping MirrorBit, its newest flash memory technology, to its device maker partners in small quantities. The memory stores 2 bits of data per cell--flash memory's smallest unit of data storage--instead of the typical 1 bit.

By increasing the amount of data per cell, AMD says it can offer flash memory that stores more data but sells for the same price. As a result, cell phone makers, PDA makers and other consumer electronics makers could enhance their devices with more complicated operating systems or a greater number of applications without hiking prices.

MirrorBit also offers similar pricing and storage capacities to that of Intel's StrataFlash.

Though StrataFlash, which has been on the market for three years, is the more proven technology, analysts say MirrorBit is promising. They say AMD could function as a second supplier, giving device markers some breathing room.

News source: Cnet

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