Navy Seals: Covert Operations beta1

Navy Seals: Covert Ops (NS-CO or NSQ3) is intended to be a realistic simulator for military warfare under different conditions and in different environments. This simulator is based on the Quake3 Engine by Id Software. Different models and sounds will be included to simulate the different weapons. Except from new models and weapons, a lot of different features are included.

  • 21 new and unique real-life weapons. From the famous Ak47 to the S&W 629 revolver.
  • Various Accessoires to be used on your weapons to improve them.
  • An realistic damage system with different damage locations and wound effects.
  • Changed Player physics to increase the realism.
  • An extensive radio command system to allow for better team communication.
  • TASS, a simple skill system that allows for a wide variety of tactics and playing styles.
  • A new set of simple commands that control the features of NS-CO.
  • Three all new player models featuring dozens of new animations.
  • Sixteen highly detailed Headskins per team.
  • Highly customizable Headstuff system to let players choose their appearance.
  • PORC, an improved particle system for the many cool effects in NS-CO.
  • Fifteen entirely different maps with varying objectives, sizes and themes.
  • Different Objectives to accomplish to allow a multitude of user created missions.
  • A brand new and interesting system for disarming explosives in the BOMB objective.
  • The ASSAULT objective requiring the teams to play together in order to win.
  • The VIP-R and VIP-S objectives where guarding and escorting the VIP is the mission.
  • CTB objective, where one team has to steal the breifcases with vital information.
  • New entities and Shader attributes to have more realistic and fun to play maps.
  • Countless brand new high-quality textures for ns-co mappers.
  • A highly customizable environment effect system for rain or snow.
  • A special Navy Seals: Covert Operations intro.
  • A completely redone and easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Four different Heads Up Displays for the user to choose from.
News source: Navy Seals website

Download: NS: CO Beta 1 (189Mb)

Download: Patch (

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