Neoshooter 2.60

It's amazing what our members can produce when asked- it truely is. Our member ultima knocked up this great program that essentially resides in the tasktray, and takes screenshots when you require it to. The great thing about is it that they are outputed straight jpeg; you dont have to load up Photoshop and spend a while exporting it etc; seriously useful for things like the Neowin monthly desktop thread.

This update allows you to :

- Shoot entire desktop - allows you to take a screenshot of your entire desktop in PNG, Bitmap or JPEG format

- Shoot active window - has the same effect as ALT-PRNTSCRN after a 5 second countdown

- Open last image - loads the last shot taken in your default image editor

Other options available are:

- Auto-resize to 1024x768 - if your desktop is larger than 1024x768, this will shrink the image down before saving, so that it is acceptable for the monthly desktops thread

- Auto-resize to 960x768 - to keep things in proportion for 1280x1024 users

- Create thumbnails - this will generate a jpeg thumbnail of the screenshot, saved in the same folder

- Enable Ctrl+F11 hotkey - if enabled, pressing this combination will have the same effect as double clicking the icon

- Hide Neoshooter icon - this causes neoshooter to hide itself from the tray when it takes a screenshot, if you don't want the icon in your shot

- Include Start menu - will cause Neoshooter to popup your startmenu before taking a screenshot

- Timed shot - this starts a 5 second countdown before the screenshot is taken, giving time to open the start menu / open a popup menu etc

So go download it, and send him a pm thanking him for such a useful program!

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Download: here

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