Neowin and Hotmail are teaming up to answer your Hotmail questions

Neowin and the Hotmail team are linking up to help answer some of your questions about Hotmail. A thread has been posted in our forum by two folks from Microsoft who will be taking your questions and responding to them with a video.

The tag team duo will be answering just about anything as it is an open forum but know that while they do love Neowin, they can’t put their jobs in jeopardy for us by discussing future plans.

The group is also looking for feedback, as they want to hear both sides of the coin for user experience. The only way to improve the service is to address your constructive criticism; so if you have had any issues in the past, make sure to share them (politely) in the thread so the team can tackle your concerns.

Head on in to the forums, ask a question or just say hi!

Link: Ask the Hotmail team anything [and we'll reply via video]

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