New Apple TV said to feature redesigned remote with touchpad

Those recurring rumors of Apple planning to launch its own television set still haven't panned out, but the Apple TV box remains extremely popular - especially since the company reduced its price to just $69 back in March. A new version of the device is expected to launch this summer, and it seems that there may be some changes to the user experience on the way.

According to The New York Times - quoting an Apple employee who claimed to have been 'briefed on the product' - the next version will include a redesigned remote, featuring touchpad controls.

The touchpad "can be used for scrolling around", according to the report, and would replace the directional controller that features on the current remote. The new version is said to be slightly thicker to accommodate the touchpad, but it will reportedly still include two physical buttons.

If the report proves accurate, the new remote will represent the first major redesign since the company launched the first version of Apple TV back in 2007.

The new Apple TV box is expected to feature improved specs, along with a dedicated App Store, and Siri voice controls are also likely to be introduced. Numerous reports have also indicated that the company plans to launch its own subscription TV service this summer.

Source: The New York Times

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