New Google Glass "OK Glass" UI video released; pre-orders expand

It's been nearly a year since Google first announced its plans for "Project Glass", a set of smart glasses that will offer users a variety of interactive features. Google's been quiet about its progress for a little while but today the company offered up a new video that shows how Google Glass (its official name) will work from the perspective of its owners.

The video clip on YouTube shows Google Glass being used in a variety of locations and situations. Owners are shown recording video via voice command, which starts out by the owners saying "OK Glass" before performing a tasks. That feautre appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. They were also using it for two-way video communication, with the people on the other side seeing what the Google Glass owner is wearing. The clip shows that voice commands can access information such as weather, GPS, language translation, and more from within the glasses' HUD. Users can also receive and read texts messages and pictures from others and see them in the HUD.

Google launched pre-orders for Google Glass several months ago, but they were meant for developers and certain members of the media. They were also priced out of most people's reach at $1,500. While the price of getting a pre-order device has not gone down, Google announced a new way for more people to get access to the pre-production version with a new contest.

The contest is called "If I Had Glass" and asks people to write, in 50 words or less, what they would do if they got Google Glass. The entries must be posted on Twitter or Google+ with the hashtag #ifihadglass. Users can also upload pictures or even a short video to accompany their entry. The deadline is February 27th. If you are one of the people Google picks, you will not only have to purchase the $1,500 pre-production model but you must also attend an event to pick them the glasses up in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Source: Google

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