New sign-in experience coming to Google accounts [Update]

If you've used email for any length of time, you'll know that the action of signing in is pretty much uneventful most of the time. That said, it doesn't mean the experience can't improve, and Google seems to be aware of that.

Load up the sign-in page for any of your Google accounts and you'll notice a little notification at the bottom saying there's a "New look for sign-in coming soon", as can be seen in the image in this article. This is pretty cryptic, so a link to a help page is included, which in all honesty, doesn't help much.

What we can get from the airy help page is that this new look will be coming "in the next few weeks". In terms of what it actually brings, we know it will "have a cleaner, simpler look", "make the sign-in process faster" and "be consistent across computers, phones and tablets". The actual sign-in steps and the ability to securely log into any Google account will not change, however.

Google also states that in case you don't see the new look when it does eventually come out, it could either be due to running an older version of your browser, or the fact that you've disabled Javascript.

Update: Here's how the new sign-in experience looks like:

The new design seems to be more inline with what you would find on your Android smartphone, even if the overall steps to sign in remain the same.

Thanks to The_killer in the comments for the image.

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