Nielsen: 96% of users satisfied with their Nokia Lumia 900

It looks like Nokia's venture into Windows Phone is doing quite well, with 96% of people surveyed by Nielsen saying they are either extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their Lumia 900. It also came to light that 95% of Lumia 900 owners would recommend the device to others, 83% said their expectations of the device are better or much better than expected, and 85% said they would repurchase the device.

Also, out of the 810 people surveyed between April 27, 2012 and May 18, 2012, a whopping 91% claimed their device was better than other devices on the market; out of those 91%, 42% even went to say it was "much better" than others. Two-thirds of people purchased their Lumia 900 in-store as opposed to online, and "nearly all" owners believe the device is attractive, fast and easy to use.

That said, this survey was conducted before the announcement that all current Windows Phone devices would not receive an update to Windows Phone 8; instead devices would get a final Windows Phone 7.8 update that brings just a small fraction of WP8's features. We have to wonder if the survey results would be the same now that users know their three-month-old device is not going to receive any major future updates.

Via: WPCentral
Source: Conversations by Nokia | Images via Conversations by Nokia

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