Nintendo prices its new online service for the Switch, coming in 2018

Since the announcement of the Switch, Nintendo has touted its new online service, even stating that - unlike its previous consoles - it would be a paid platform. Today, the firm has finally revealed pricing, and when the service will be available.

When the paid service goes live in 2018, Nintendo will offer a variety of different options to pay for the service. If players choose to pay by the month, the one-month subscription rate will come in at $3.99, while a three-month subscription will come in at $7.99. To get the best value, a one-year membership will be the preferred option, as it comes in at $19.99.

Beyond just gaining access to online play, those who have subscriptions will also unlock access to special discounts from the eShop. Another perk of the service will be access to Nintendo's archive of classic titles for the NES. While it was initially a single game download, Nintendo has changed its stance and will make a rotating library of games available. These games will not be part of your permanent collection and you will lose access to them once your subscription ends or is canceled.

Source: The Verge , Kotaku

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