Nintendo Revolution Controller Revealed

Nintendo's "revolutionary" Revolution controller was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday, and immediately grabbed everyone's attention. While Nintendo reps warned that the design displayed isn't the final controller that will ship with the console, it is a good indication of where the design is headed.

The unit features a power button which one would guess would allow you to power the console on and off. Below that is a classic d-pad, a large Gamecube style A button, and a series of buttons labeled Select, Home, and Start. While it is easy to guess the functions of such buttons, Nintendo revealed nothing about them. Underneath the three buttons are two classic NES/SNES style buttons and four LEDs labeled 1-4 to indicate the controller slot occupied. On the reverse side is a B button, much like the Z button on the Nintendo 64 controller.

The demo had an attached device which included an analog stick and two shoulder buttons, Z1 and Z2. The stick will ship with the Revolution hardware, but many other gadgets will undoubtedly be made available for use with the controller.

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View: Revolution controller

News source: GameSpot

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